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Overwin Academy's short-term goals are:

1.) To provide high school basketball players who want to attend their public schools with an opportunity to play winter basketball at a higher level than their public school, but at an affordable cost.

2.) To provide post-graduate basketball players with an opportunity to play winter basketball at a higher level during their college gap year at a much lower cost than attending a boarding school or private day school.

Public school players who play for Overwin Academy will be freed from many of the constraints imposed by the rules of the public school governing bodies. There will be year-round workouts with their coaches, they will play a competitive 20 to 30 game schedule with a shot clock which will prepare them for college basketball, college coaches will be invited to attend practices, the team will be entered into college showcases and a post-season tournament, and players can still live at home and attend their public school.

The advantage for post-graduate players is that their families will have a cost savings because the players can live at home rather than a boarding school, yet, will still play a highly competitive 20 to 30 game schedule which will help to prepare them for the step up to college basketball. Post-graduate players can also prepare for the ACT and SAT tests, re-take one high school course to boost their GPA, and take college courses. Overwin Academy can help players boost their academic profile and athletic ability without hurting their NCAA eligibility.

Overwin Academy's long-term goals are:

1.) To help players develop their basketball skills to get to the next level. The next level means different things to different people -- college, coaching, or turning pro. We will help you develop a clearer vision of what your goals are and then help you devise a strategy to reach them.

2.) To make game video available to every player so that a highlight reel can be created and sent to colleges or higher level teams. Every game will be uploaded to a team Hudl account. The footage will be used to keep statistics and for players and coaches to study so that we get better individually and as a team.