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Overwin Academy Connecticut offers year-round skill and conditioning training to prepare players for high level games against independent and NEPSAC teams. Most weeks the skill and conditioning training will be 90 to 120 minutes for five days each week to help prepare for a rigorous 30 to 40 game schedule.

Our goal is to help each player undergo a transformation from their current level of skill to a highly skilled player capable of competing at the college level. There is a college program for every player who comes through our program.

One of the biggest benefits of training with Overwin Academy is that players can live at home while attending their school of choice whether it is a public, private, vocational, or technical school. Overwin Academy will also benefit players by allowing them the opportunity to play in a shot clock league with 20 minute halves -- the same rules as college. Overwin players will have a big edge over public school players who are unfamiliar with playing with a shot clock. Additionally, the 20 minute halves result in an extra 8 minutes more than public school games and are therefore much more demanding than four 8 minute quarters. College coaches appreciate and understand the extra level of conditioning it takes to perform well over 40 minutes compared to 32 minutes.

College coaches will be invited to attend practices and games. Highlight video from games will be assembled and sent to college coaches who request it or who cannot attend your games.

Our primary goal is the help train basketball players to become college ready.

The tuition for the Overwin Academy year-round program is $15,000. Please contact us with questions. Thank you!